What We Do

Fun. Innovative. Creative. Passionate.


These are just some of the words we like to use to describe ourselves, and to be honest, we think the proof is in the pudding with the work that we produce. We’re not ‘just another digital company’, we are Frankie. We are grounded and realistic, but oh so ambitious and meticulous in the work that we produce. We’re also not picky; we want to work with you to achieve the needs and goals for your business. Some of the big guys in this industry say what you want to hear, but we actually mean it – there is really is no job too big or too small and we can cater for any budget.


Social Media

Growing as a tool for marketing every day, social media marketing strategies are becoming vital to the success of any business. All posts to your page are made by us for you on any platform you want. We structure your campaigns to reach your target audience to generate purely relevant leads.


Creative Web Design

We offer unique, attractive and user-friendly websites to deliver your message with impact. Designs are appealing to the eye of your very own target audience and are a firm building block to creating a greater online presence.



With the help of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), we put your website in front of the target audience by ranking all its pages on top pages of Google Search Engine Results.


Email Marketing

We are uniquely positioned to offer you our insights into building best practice email programs for your business.



Pay Per Click (PPC) gives you great advantages from your digital marketing endeavors. By using PPC, you can maximize the conversion of your website traffic to potential customers.



Frankie’s experienced team of photographers can make your images pop to the highest of quality standards.



From concept to completion, Frankie will bring your ideas to life, filming, editing, animations, graphics and voiceovers are just some of our specialties.


Large Format Printing

We print large or wide format prints up to 60” to 1.5m wide and up to several meters long if required. Popular prints include photographic prints, landscape and architectural, point of sale posters, lightbox prints and plan prints.


Promotional products

Whether you require brochures, flyers, press advertising, signage posters, stationary or anything in between, we create products that will give your business a great look.


Web Hosting

Get everything you will need to host and manage your website, with 24/7 web hosting support.


Email Hosting

Promote your business identity with your own branded email service. Check your premium email account from anywhere through our super fast secure email hosting network.


Content Creation

Content is the megaphone that allows businesses to communicate to their audience, It’s both the melody that attracts people to a song and the lyrics that they fall in love with. The personalised social media content we create for you will speak to your audience in the best way possible.


Influencer Marketing

Take the modern-day celebrity endorsement to your business with social media influencers.


Chatbot Marketing

If you wait just 5 minutes to respond to an inbound lead you are 10x more likely to lose that lead forever. Frankie can take control of your enquires without you lifting a finger.

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