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Old School Marketing Tactics That Still Work

We live in the digital age, so it’s only a given that most companies are making or have already made the transition to modern methods of marketing. But what happens when you’ve tried every marketing tactic, followed every piece of advice and spent large amounts of money and things still aren’t going in the right direction? Good news is, it’s never too late to re-introduce some old school marketing tactics back into your strategy. We’ve got some of our favourite’s below.


Print Advertising

Online ads are everywhere. So much so that we’ve become masters at tuning some out, clicking that skip button or walking away during ad breaks. Print advertising includes ads in magazines, brochures, newspapers, industry publications and flyers. If your target audience is more into traditional marketing, this is a great option. They’re easy and quick to distribute and can be quite cost effective. While the reality is that most print publications end up in the bin, remember that someone’s eyes have at least scanned over it to see what it’s about before tossing it out. So that’s a win.


Branded Items and Promos

Giving away promotional items is one of the easiest, yet subtle ways to get your brand out there. You’ve probably come across a branded pen at some point and found yourself looking at the logo and text, all the while not even realizing in that split second that the company’s got you hooked. Usually promotional material is something practical that can be used day to day, hence the number of pens. Practical, yes. But let’s be honest, who wants another pen? Think outside the box. Work for IT? You might give away USB’s. A long day of talking with clients? Hand out branded mints. And given the current state of the globe, you can even grab items such as stress relievers, face masks, and sanitizers.



Billboards, banners, bus stop posters, decals on a car. These are all examples of advertising through the use of signage. This dates back centuries ago when people would scribe onto walls to get their message across. There’s a reason it works. If people are going past the same ad every day, eventually it will stick. It doesn’t come without risk and a costly price tag, but if done right can build significant brand recognition.


Word of Mouth

Let’s be honest. When have you ever purchased something from a company that had a bad review? And we don’t just mean online. We know there’s some dodgy business going on these days, which is why a simple word-of-mouth recommendation is probably one of the all-time greats of marketing. But remember: those recommendations won’t happen themselves. The hard work comes from you. If you keep your customers happy, they’ll be more likely to return and spread the word. You could also take it up a notch and offer an incentive for referring a friend. 



This strategy is slightly more modern than the methods mentioned earlier. But email goes way back. It’s the best of both worlds with email. It’s been around long enough for most people to know how to use it, but it’s modern enough to be relevant in the digital age. Just like online advertising, you can send relevant emails to those who would engage with the topic the most. Emails can be as simple or complex as needed and are also a great tool to encourage readers to explore an external webpage, encouraging traffic to websites and social media pages.

If you’ve decided to go retro and try some of these old-school marketing methods out, the team at Frankie is here to put together some ideas with you to get the most out of your advertising.

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