How to (easily) convert leads into sales

Converting leads into sales, also sometimes known as making sales calls can be a daunting task for many business owners and their employees. But what if we told you that it’s one of the easiest ways to generate profit? Check out the following simple steps to reduce the stress element, and improve your rate of conversion. 


What is a lead, anyway?

First things first. Get your headspace away from any sales perspective. An online lead is simply anyone who has shown interest in your product or service and wants to know more. A lead is no different from someone who has walked into your shop or office to ask a question. They’re just doing it from their computer or device. They’re a potential customer.



You’re not trying to date this potential customer. Waiting periods and mind games do not apply here. If the lead was standing at your shop counter asking you a question, how long would you take to answer them or even acknowledge their presence? Hopefully, you wouldn’t leave them standing there for several minutes before you look up.  Even if you’re busy, you’d acknowledge them with a nod or a smile, anything to let them know you’re aware of them. 

It’s the same with online leads – the longer you leave someone waiting unacknowledged, the less chance you have of a successful outcome. 

According to Harvard Research, responding within 5 minutes or less to a lead gives you the best chance of converting. As many as 78% of buyers convert with the company that responded first. If you leave your lead waiting, they’ll just go elsewhere.


Ask for a commitment

Once you’ve had a brief conversation, ask for some kind of commitment, but don’t be pushy. If your lead isn’t immediately ready to take up your offer on the spot, don’t hound them. Let them know the decision is theirs but there is some urgency required on their part:

1. it’s a limited-time offer

2. there is only a set number available

3. if neither of these apply, simply let them know you’ll give them a finite amount of time to think about it and you’ll contact them again to follow up on a set day. You could even ask them to commit to contacting you directly should they choose to go elsewhere.

Even if your lead doesn’t convert straightaway, you’re asking them indirectly to commit to staying in touch. You’ve also got their details to enter into your CRM for future follow-up.

Remember these 3 things whenever you have to follow up a lead, and you’ll be fine. But if you want more leads for your business, ask your Frankie Media experts for help.

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