Can you do your own marketing?

Sure you can! You can also cut your hair, build your fence, install your plumbing, and diagnose your illnesses. Nothing is stopping you, just don’t expect to do as good a job as the experts.

What’s your area of expertise?

No matter what business you’re running, you’re the authority on it. You are the most knowledgeable about the service or products on offer. You know how your product is made and how it functions. How to care for it, and how to get the most out of it. If it’s a service you provide, then you know exactly who needs it, when they need it, and how to deliver it.

We bet that you’re amazing at what you do because that is your area of expertise. It’s your profession, and you live and breathe it every day. You wouldn’t recommend that your customers do exactly what you do, would you? 

Marketing is our area of expertise

We live and breathe marketing every day. We love to educate our clients about marketing so you can make informed decisions that will lead to more leads and more sales. 

7 out of 10 clients are either doing some of their marketing or have tried it in the past. We love that. We love to work with people who are willing to have a go! However, that same 70% of clients also report that they spend too much time doing their marketing. They also found that they either reported a loss on their investment or no obvious increase or improvement to their business.

What most business owners lack is a robust understanding of marketing and the technical skills to grow. 

Our final words on DIY marketing? 

Get excited and get involved in the marketing strategies for your business, but leave the technical stuff to the experts. 

If you need some advice on marketing campaigns or need a quality agency to execute them for you, get in touch with Frankie today!

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