Social Media Misconceptions To Stop Believing

It’s 2021 and still to this day, there are so many social media misconceptions out there that just aren’t true. Trends change all the time- we get that. But some of these are just way too outdated to let them continue. The worst part is, believing in these false statements can seriously hurt your marketing strategy and results. We’re going to set the record straight and debunk some of the craziest we’ve heard.

My customers aren’t on social media

Oh, they’re around. You just need to know where to look! Social media isn’t just for “young” people. According to Digital 2021, Australia had 20.5 million social media users in January 2021.

You’ll find that you’ll have different audiences on different social media platforms. That’s because different platforms have different features, those of which appeal to certain audiences. For example, kids and younger adults might gravitate towards apps such as Snapchat, TikTok or Instagram because of their quick snippet type of content, whereas those whose focus is business and want to remain professional will most likely utilise LinkedIn. 

There’s so many different platforms out there. You just need to figure out which social media apps are in-line with your brand.


Join every single social media network you possibly can

Please don’t do this. Just because they exist, it doesn’t mean you have to be on every single platform out there. Going back to our previous point, some social media apps won’t be the right fit for your brand. 

So it’s best to do your research and choose a select few that you can also manage effectively. There’s no use signing up to everything and posting the same content across all of your social media accounts because different platforms suit different types of content. And if you’ve signed up for something and it doesn’t work, don’t feel guilty. Delete it. 


Being relatable as a brand on social media is unprofessional

Yes, you should definitely be posting content that is relevant to your brand. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t throw in something different every now and then. Remember that there are human beings behind your brand, not just a robot. Any chance for your audience to see the personality behind your brand makes a great positive impression, it also makes followers feel part of a community. If you don’t want to steer away from the path too much, it could be something as simple as a news article that relates to your brand’s purpose, a segment like Monday Motivation or introducing the team.    

Remember to keep a professional attitude regardless of the content and stay away from any negativity you don’t want associated with your brand. 


I should see results straight away

Building social media presence takes time. Don’t look at influencers whose one video went viral and changed their life overnight. Rapid growth like that isn’t something that happens on the regular. 

Using tools such as Facebook and Instagram paid advertising are some of the more popular methods for reach and gaining leads, but you can’t solely rely on those. The growth of your online community will come down to your commitment and consistency. The frequency of your posts, cross-promoting, responding to comments; they all count.

Budgets are another big factor; the bigger the budget, the quicker the growth. But realistically, not everyone will have an unlimited social media budget. Just work with what you do have. 


Hopefully we’ve helped clear the air with some of these social media misconceptions. Remember, you can always come and talk to us at Frankie if you need any further advice or guidance in your marketing strategy.

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