Why Video Marketing is the Key to SEO and Lead Generation

Businesses whose content marketing strategy does not include video content may be missing out on a lot of potential clients. Without an iota of doubt, video marketing has become the leading element in lead generation, user engagement and SEO practices.

Studies have shown that over 93% of marketers actively use video content while over 50% percent believe that it guarantees users the highest ROI. The founder and CEO of a leading web product development and brand management firm, Phil Tadros, states that video marketing is the most effective kind of content when it comes to lead generation and branding.

He states that video marketing gives the firm a human face that connects more with people’s emotion and helps to build trust among prospective clients. No other kind of content builds emotional bridges to customers as quickly as video content. Research published by Cisco states that by 2019, 80% of all Internet consumer traffic will be in the form of video content. This is a significant increase from 64% recorded in 2014.

For firms to remain competitive in the global marketplace, they must incorporate video content into their marketing strategies. Since content marketing and SEO are closely linked, any improvement in SEO strategy benefits the firm’s content marketing objectives. Video content helps to improve two vital SEO metrics: backlinks and time on-site. Video content in the form of video testimonials also engender trust with potential clients and helps to improve lead generation.

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