3 Tips For Growing Your Instagram Following

There are now more than 800 million active Instagram users, and the site is still growing in popularity. If you are not building an Instagram account around your business or growing your personal platform on the site, you really should be. It’s only going to become more powerful and important as a marketing channel in the years to come.

If you are new to Instagram or are disappointed with your account’s progress, do not fret. There is still time for you to build your Instagram presence. This article will give you three tips to speed up the process of growing your follower count.

Follow Other Accounts in Your Niche or Industry

When you are first starting out on Instagram, it is hard to attract followers. A simple tactic is to find a popular Instagrammer who is active in your niche, go to their latest posts and follow all of the accounts that have left comments. As these accounts are active and have expressed an interest in similar content to the content that is on your account, a percentage of them will follow you back.

Although nobody outside of Instagram knows the exact figures, it is estimated that you are allowed to follow around 160 accounts every hour. It’s probably unwise to follow so many at a time, but you want to keep following within your niche until you reach the overall follow limit of 7500. Once you’ve hit this number, you can’t follow any more accounts until your own follower count exceeds the number you are following.

If you also make the effort to comment on the photos of the accounts you follow and like their comments, the proportion of those you’ve followed who follow you back will increase dramatically.

Regularly Post High-Quality Images

Unless your Instagram account is themed around dogs, nobody wants to see pictures of your pets. They don’t want to see pictures of the last meal you ate (unless your account is in the food niche), and they aren’t interested in seeing what your kids got up to yesterday.

Match your content to your industry, and post regularly and often. The more content you can put out, the more chances you create to snag followers. But, this shouldn’t be done at the expense of your image’s quality. Sub-standard photos will dilute the quality of your whole account. It’s better to publish six great images than ten poor ones.

Engage With Your Followers

If someone has taken the time to leave you a comment on one of your posts, make sure you reply. If someone has liked lots of your photos, direct message them an say thank-you. Don’t miss any opportunities to build relationships with those in your niche. Seek out chances to collaborate with your followers and others in your industry, and you’ll gain access to new audiences and untapped sources of followers.

Always be polite, and think about serving your followers by providing them with content that is genuinely useful, inspiring, or beautiful.

If you apply these tips to your own Instagram accounts, your follower count should grow at a steady rate, and you’ll be able to use your presence on the platform to market your business and influence your industry.

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